You can be assured we have done the research ourselves to source the best possible product. Our strongest endorsement is that we personally wear the jewellery ourselves.

If you're a curious little Gemm though, here's the down low on what makes Ivy Dayelle Fine Body Jewellery - So Fine...

All the pieces at the core are medical grade surgical steel. This remarkable material is commonly used for medical instruments and application like bone fixation bolts and screws. By nature, it’s extremely strong, corrosion resistant and is often used in food handling because of its low metallic contamination and low allergenic properties. All good reasons why surgical steel is a great match for body jewellery.

Much of body jewellery currently available is surgical steel. However, @ Ivy Dayelle we realise that too much same same, can be dull dull!!

We offer our beautiful pieces in Gold and Rose Gold. This is applied to the surgical steel using a process called PVD (Physical Vapour Disposition) It’s a complex process that requires a massive machine and a lot of technical jargon. But in short, the gold bar is vaporised using ion bombardment in a vacuum chamber. It then condenses and deposits onto the surgical steel in a complete adhesive gold coating. The resulting jewellery has a beautiful, shiny and durable finish.


Gold is one of the least reactive elements and is resistant to most acids including the heavy weights of nitric and hydrochloric - You know you’re onto the good stuff when it can stand up to these bad boys. It is also resistant to corrosion and most other chemical reactions.

As the jewellery has the super strong base of surgical steel, it is not necessary to mix the gold with other metals to increase its strength. This means that the coating on the pieces is pure - 24 Karat! Blingy, Bling, Bling!!


Rose Gold is the combination of gold and copper. This is important to know if you can have a sensitivity to copper. However, with it making up only 20% of the content it is very low in concentration.   Copper is a natural trace element already found in our bodies. It is an essential part of the bodies' respiratory and circulation systems. Copper has many natural benefits too; it does not react with water and is a biostatic metal which means bacteria and other life forms (AKA Nasties) will not grow on it. Furthermore, pure copper can actively kill a large range of micro-organisms. Also, some traditional folklore believe that copper made into jewellery can relieve the symptoms of Arthritis and other ailments.


Was developed in the UK in the early 2010's by a professional body piercer for piercing with the peoples needs in mind.  It is a medical grade plastic that is used in a number of healthcare devices because of its outstanding  qualities.  It is hypo-allergenic, minimises irritation and is super flexible to move with the body for maximum comfort. It is the same backing that has been used for years with Labret piercings

 All our cartilage studs use a Bioflex comfort back fastening.  Traditionally having cartilage piercings meant dealing with the painful problem of the backs digging into your  head or the nuisance of trying to tighten tiny balls onto fiddly treads. 

But with Bioflex backings, no more.  As mentioned, they are hypo-allergic, extremely comfortable to wear especially if you have any higher cartilage and most importantly they are quick and easy to put in.

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