Our Story

We create delicate, feminine body jewellery for adventurous, fun-loving, cheeky women who want to express themselves in their own way. Our high quality jewellery made from 24 karat gold on surgical steel is made for active lifestyles. Read more about our quality.


Live life and shine bright.  Life's too short to be dull. 


The idea for Ivy Dayelle came after hours of frustration searching for pretty, feminine jewellery that beautifies our piercings.  When we couldn't find anything we decided to create it ourselves. 

Ivy Dayelle believes beauty and quality go hand in hand and the desire to express ourselves in beautiful, unique ways should always be unconditional.

Born on the beaches of Noosa, with a heart of adventure, the sparkle of natural beauty, a spirit of fun and an appreciation of our slice of paradise. Our jewellery brings sunshine and sparkle into your life, wherever you are. 


Ivy Dayelle represents all the things in life we value:

  • Family and friends - Sharing meals, treasuring small moments and creating memories; 
  • Nature - Admiring our beautiful environment;
  • Having fun - The silly things that make us laugh;
  • Determination - Never compromising, never giving up, putting in the hard work;
  • Gratitude - For the freedom we're so privileged to have.


Celebrate Feminine Beauty 
That is strength - a driving power without force. 
Embrace Natural Beauty
In a delicate understated and uncomplicated style. 
Respect & Support
The unique way each of us express our natural beauty.
Expect High Quality
As a standard- only accept the best for our body.
Live Life with Integrity 
Make decisions and actions that lift others up. 


Our wide jewellery collections cover every style from classic to edgy.