The Hoop Earring Theory...

Let's face it, every girl needs a pair of hoops. They'll keep up with your everyday extras, straight through to evening glam. Now hoop earrings may remind you of your mum in the 70's but quit judging, we both know they have made quite the comeback.

Hoops are unexpected, they surprise you every time you wear them as they go with simply everything. Once you get into the habit of wearing them with every possible item in your wardrobe it's pretty hard to stop and imagine yourself apart. I don't know about you but I'm pretty over buying a new pair of hoops every weekend cause my last pair broke and magically went from stunning gold to shabby silver from one dip in the ocean, pretty rude hey! Believe me when I say our hoops will no longer put you through this treacherous heartache. Hallelujah! 

Friday nights were made for our All The Way Round And Back  60mm hoops. It's time to channel your inner J-Lo. We're all about those big hoops and bigger dreams. Or for the everyday vibes keep things sweet and simple with our All The Way Round  20mm smaller hoops. From yoga to the beach, to work, to afternoon drinks or a super hot date with a super hot man... Our hoops will have you covered. Effortlessly glamorous, a major wardrobe win. 

Gotta Get Me Some