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Who has time for care instructions -  Live life and Shine!

Our jewellery is fun and adventurous just like you!

It isn't afraid of:

  1. Getting wet
  2. Working up a sweat
  3. Salt water and the ocean (OK - maybe sharks, a little)
  4. Moisturiser
  5. Perfume
  6. Shampoo
  7. Big Spiders

Just a couple of things that you need to remember.

Always clean the area of skin around your piercing and your jewellery with a sterilising wipe before wearing.

Each piece is made from highly durable and strong materials with a super shiny gold finish. Be careful of rough surfaces that may scratch and dull the appearance. Also be careful not to excessively buff or rub the jewellery as that can dull the appearance as well. 

This jewellery uses the traditional techniques of holding gems with a clasp and claw setting. While these hold them tight, be careful that individual claws are not moved or loosen which could lead to the gem being dislodged.

Natural enemies of the claw are

             Lace / Mesh / Crochet / Stockings / Knit / Towelling

Don’t live in a bubble, but just be aware that if you get snagged, carefully and gently unhook and resume play.

It’s hard to put into words how amazing these pieces are - so as actions speak louder, know that all our Gemms @ Ivy Dayelle have personally road tested and are worn on our bodies everyday.

These are some of the things they have been up to and yet their jewellery still shines:

  • Early morning marathon surf sessions when the surf is pumping.
  • Chlorine soaked swimming squads (If only my hair looked as good as my jewellery)
  • Afternoon runs along the river with the dog, working up a sweat.
  • Ready for a big night and adding the out of the door spray of perfume to finish the look.
  • OMG - had a little too much sun and now taking a lotion bath!! Yes, mum I did put on sunscreen - promise :-)